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You may have the anointing of David, the Wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Samson, Paul great knowledge and inspiration but, if you have the indiscipline of Absalom you will not see success in life.

God will not change your mind changing of your mind is personal decision and determination.

Discipline is the ability to make yourself do what you should, when you should do it whether you feel like it or not. Discipline is the art of training oneself. it takes discipline to work hard. Nothing worthwhile or significant is possible without discipline.

Discipline is the most important single quality you can develop for lifelong success and great personal achievements. With a highly developed sense of personal discipline, you can conquer the world. Discipline is mandatory if we want to achieve our goals and dreams “He who lives without discipline is exposed to grievous ruin.” without very little is possible.

The most important question we should be asking ourselves today is not who am I but who am I becoming and what am I developing into? Where am I steering my future to? What will become of me when I grow up?

It takes true discipline to ask and answer that question correctly

Discipline is the only ladder to greatest; a lot of person has through discipline crumble to the top.

“A Man without a commercial value has little or no chance of surviving in 21 century”

The secret of success is doing common thing in an uncommon way.

Great men and woman are those who absolutely believe that they are put on this earth to do something wonderful with their lives. they have a vision of something greater or better then their current circumstances. personal greatness means having a sense of destiny and a conviction that your thoughts and imagination are the only real limits to your possibilities.

Develop high confidence and discipline yourself to attain the level of greatness you desire. The world is still waiting for your brainchild.

but remember beyond hard work and smart work PROVIDENCE is the major decider of ones greatness in life.

Victor Sunday

Victor Sunday

Victor Sunday is the Visionary President of KNOWLEDGE FOUNTAIN. He is a Lead Facilitator, Leadership Mentor, Nation Builder. He Loves Reading Literature and Travelling

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