Aigbokhaevbo Augustine

Started His career as a Master of Ceremonies in 2015 and has since risen to become most sought after in Nigeria and beyond. He was trained by the Legendary Akpobome ‘Alibaba’ Atunyota Himself and He has headlined and hosted high profile-events across the country, with clients ranging from Multinational Companies, Financial Institutions, Religious Organizations, High-profile  Individuals, NGOs and many more.

Augustine is a Leadership Expert and the Campus Leadership Director with Knowledge Fountain Leadership Academy, an online incubation hub for Next-Generation Leaders across Africa, with presence in over 15 countries. He facilitates programmes in Public Speaking, Social Impact, Activism, Human Capital Development and Communication amongst others. He is also an active volunteer with Hallmarks Initiative, Get Up Youth Africa, Life After Abuse Foundation and Amnesty International amongst others.

He is the Convener of Youvelop, a platform where Change makers interact and share value with change seekers.

Augustine is a product of Delta State University and a prestigious member of Joyce Daniels’ TAKLADEMY – Africa’s Premiere Training School for Masters of Ceremonies, under the moniker “The MIChanic”.

Augustine is a Writer, Pianist and connoisseur of Classical, New Age and Jazz music.

Joined KFLA  20th Octobor 2018

DOB: 27/08

Position in KFLA: Member