Oruka Otuene is a Certified Biochemist, certified copywriter, Volunteer, Content Creator, network marketer, teacher, author and social media influencer.

He’s the founder of IMPACT academy, A platform which is aimed at inspiring the youths around the globe to live their best lives

He’s the author of four ebooks ( How to improve academically, Skill up to Earn more, How to make money from whatsapp and My Struggle, My Triumph, My Secrets).

He’s the assistant research coordinator and financial manager of LEAD project (Living everyday above depression project) an NGO with the sole purpose of mitigating depression in the society. He’s also a Volunteer of The Emergence.

He served as the Overall manager of Galaxy guest house suleja, Niger state from 2013 to 2019.

Otuene is a passionate teacher and apart from the fact that he has held numerous trainings (Online and offline), he is also a tutor of Casio Community tutorials Abraka, Delta State.

Otuene has influenced at least 3000 people since May 2019 via his ebooks, audio courses, seminars, trainings and one on one coaching sessions. He is very active on WhatsApp and Facebook were he creates contents on a daily basis.

Otuene teaches book marketing, sales, copywriting, science, finance, academic excellence, talent discovery and personal development.

He won the award for the most impactful facilitator at the IMPACT 360 KFLA series of lectures. He was a nominee for the ACTIVE CITIZENSHIP EDUCATION award.

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