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As a leader I understand that Life is precious, it is not meant to be wasted it is worth living and living meaningfully that is why  I always ask myself what do I want out of life. What do I want to make of myself. What contribution do I want to make to society? How do I want people to remember me.

            I want to reach the full status of my personality I want to grow in wisdom and in favour with God and people I want my personality to bloom I want my life to be fruitful I want my to be kind, generous and useful to society I want to develop my abilities as a leader and my talent as follower, and be best I can be I want to be a genuine person, honest to myself and sincere in dealing with people for I believe that the greatest ability is dependability.

            What happens to me seldom depends on me what I do depends on what I am what others do to me is not in my control how I response to what they do to me depends on who I am

This is my confession as a leader what is your? 

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  1. Vouffo

    Being a woman i would like to Increase my skills and knowledge in leadership

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