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What is passion?

Something you love to do,

Something you love to talk about,

Something which makes you excited and thinking or talking about which lifts you up.

When you work on something you are passionate about, you will want to work more on it without even feeling tired. At the end of the day you will go to sleep excited.

Something that will wake you up with a smile and excitement.

Something you will never get bored of.

Something which you won’t give up on, even though hundreds of difficules may arise. Something which you

will want to keep trying.

 The journey of following passion itself is so beautiful and full of excitement that you will forget about the end result.

Passion is like a stress reliever.

To find your passion you have to observe yourself and see

What you are good at or doing what gives you true happiness and satisfaction

Many people go through the crisis of a tempting to find their passion and not making any headway. So don’t fret over it. Instead focus on trying to explore and discover

Your true passion. Your passion could be as diverse as being interested in music or sport or academics or wild life or entertainment, helping others, writing and speaking. It could

alternatively also be a mix of the former as well as becoming passionate about research to social service or spirituality or being a diligent employee or a successful entrepreneur. Your passion must not be just an interest you have developed or something to which you have taken a fancy to.

It must be something that you think about in your waking hours, dream about in your sleep and get you worked up all the morning. Translate your passion into specific goals so that you can be focused on it and direct your energies towards it. Unless you convert your passion/s into specific goals you will be only thinking and dreaming about making it work for you. Once you put it in terms of specific goals that you need to formulate a tangible plan to work on This plan will give you intermediate steps to focus on and push you to do some concrete tasks and give a direction to each day. e.g. I am passionate about writing and teaching, However it was only when I focused on writing a book that I got more serious they type of content I wanted to write ( a book focus on purpose discovery in form of Inspirational

and Motivational ) and make it available and accessible to all. Find a motivation to spur you on every day. Ideally you must have an intrinsic motivation which coupled with extrinsic motivation would ensure that your body and mind are in sync to guide you towards achieving your goals. e.g.

Initially my motivation was the number of people who buy and read my book and send me feedback.

 Once I started getting feedback that spurred me on more. However what really drives me is the feedback I get from my readers. I continue to write because I believe I am positively influencing people who read my book Find your Passion Finding your passion is like going in a direction, with

unknown path and destination. As a learner, try exploring things, everything, and you will get to know, what is NOT your passion, what disinterests you, and can be struck off

the list. Your passion is also connected to your personality, because your passion connected to your strength, what is your temperament? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Your passion is a sub of your purpose. Passion’ is a word so excessively used and almost always blindingly paired with work, that if you actually ask around you may find that not everyone really gets what Passion is. At the root of it all, it points to that strong emotion you have inside of you, for someone, or something. And anyone who

has ever succeeded in making a name for themselves would probably state their passion for the work / craft / industry as a reason for their success, but do you know yours? No man can gives his best doing what he don’t love Passion is not hobby some equate a passion (for something) to a hobby or a dream, but just because you love to sing (in the shower), that doesn’t necessarily mean that your passion is the act of singing. It’s not A Hobby or A Dream There should be a purposeful word choice in what you use

in a sentence. With this logic in mind, ‘Passion’ is as far from a ‘hobby’ as a ‘hobby’ is to a ‘dream’. One special ingredient Separates passion from the two. In the 2004 movie, National Treasure, treasure hunter Benjamin Gates asks his Sidekick, Riley, this simple question: We dont need

Someone crazy. But one step short of crazy, what do you get? His sidekick says “Obsessed” but he corrects him with Passionate.

When you do what you love to do at a moderate level, you can call it a hobby. It could be cooking, gardening, singing in the shower, disassembling gadgets, playing with ac_on figures; the mix. But whenever’s you go all out with it, to the point that someone deems you a step short from crazy,

that’s passion for you It’s not true that passion has to be something that you can feel (as in touch, in physical form). Sometimes it is an effect of what you do. Believe it or not, some people really like to

help other people, and that is really important in some professions e.g. a nurse in a child’s hospital, a social welfare worker, a flight a􀆩endant, a special needs teacher etc. That effect not only pushes them to get out of bed and face all kinds of things that would cause you and me to break down on a daily basis but they also do it because their passion is to make a difference in someone’s life. To be passionate about something is to weather the storm no ma_er how hard it is. A probable source for what we are passionate about may come from what we were exposed to during our Childhood. Many simple things such as sketching, music, collec_ng ac_on figures or airplane models that we did when we were young evolve to become what we are passionate about when we are adults. They may have the talent to do those things but passion is what brings those things from thought to reality Passion is a combination of love and hatred

Passion is greater than talent At least the one thing that everyone could agree on about passion is that it is closely associated with drive, enthusiasm, limitless energy, motivation, the push, etc. Passion can be transformed into raw enthusiasm which is then processed into an internal drive that keeps you going. Pa s s i o n a t e  p e o p l e  a r e a  lmo s t a l w a y s ambitious. They want to have a say in the eld that they love. They read about it, study it, embrace it and never really escape from it. It is a gift and a curse. And I don’t think everyone has it.

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