At KFLA we are very much interested in enhancing your E-leadership and social intelligence because leadership development is self-development.
E-leadership is a social influence process, mediated by technology, to produce a change in attitudes, feelings, thinking, behavior, and performance with individuals, groups, or organizations to direct them toward achieving specific goals and objectives in other to increase productivity.

Improved Social Intelligence will provide benefits throughout your professional and personal life. It is a fantastic tool for coaching and development as you will learn “people skills”. Improving social skills through active listening, understanding body language, and being more empathic will give participants the advantage in their interactions with others in other to enhance mutual interaction.

COURSE objectives

The objectives of this E-leadership and Social Intelligence course are;

– To be aware of your own behaviors to enable you to perform effectively and efficiently as a leader.

– You will learn how to be empathetic with others and influence them.

– Know the tools for active listening as a leader.

– Know how to Effectively communicate to others as a leader

– Ability to Recognize various social cues.

– Determine appropriate conversation topics at any point in time.

– Ability to recognize various forms of body language for decision making and so many more.

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