Estates Management Course Description

Estate Management is concerned with the valuation, taxation, development and utilization of land and resources, buildings and other structures on land.The discipline is designed to prepare one for professional practice in land management, land use planning and land development, land reform, land settlement, real estate taxation and rating valuation, aspects of town and country planning, valuation, investment/development schemes and feasibility/viability appraisals.

Estate management covers a number of areas that include property management, surveying, business and finance and the built environment and essentially the subject is primarily concerned with the valuation and management of land and buildings in the public and private sector.

Graduates of estate management can take up job opportunities in various industries, some of them are professional real estate firms, government, banks and financial institutions, Oil and gas companies, mortgage institutions, law courts, property investment and development companies, property management companies etc.

Benefits of the training includes:


 – Succinct insights of real estate business 

– Understanding the Marketing Strategies in Real Estates

– How to generate valid prospects

– Closing Deals

–  Prepared Network for starting real estate business

– Certifications to make you a renowned professional in real estates business


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