Organizations rely upon loan and credit extensions to lead their normal business. In the event that such credit lines evaporate, production eases back down and carries the worldwide economy to the edge of profound downturn, or even misery. The Lehman Brothers breakdown represent the largest bankruptcy in history. The U.S government (fundamentally) nationalized the banks and the insurance giant AIG. This, thus, kills Wall Street, as it had recently been known and appreciated the restructuring of the government’s role in market capitalism.

We can lay the entirety of this disarray, at the feet of the investment banking industry and their inadequate risk-recognition and management. No other risk-related event has had such a significant effect around the world. The repercussions of this financial risk-management failure will resound for quite a long time. It will influence citizens all through the world and conceivably change the structures of government. 

Financial Risk management will (or should) be, a significant point of convergence of business and cultural dynamic in the twenty-first century. An engaged field of study in itself, it draws on center information bases from: : law, engineering, finance, economics, medicine, psychology, accounting, mathematics, statistics and other fields, to make an all-encompassing dynamic system that is planned to be economical and esteem improving.

What I learn?

  1. Concept of risk and its consequences
  2. Attitude towards risk and how it affect decision making
  3. Risk exposure
  4. diversifiable and non-diversifiable in addition also learn enterprise risk management
  5. Risk management and its methods that are so vital to businesses and individuals.
  6. Risk and insurance
  7. Insurance types
  8. Agents and brokers
  9. Introduction to actuaries
  10. Introduction to insurance contract


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