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Conflicting to popular belief, vision is not a dream one has at night, neither is it what transpire in a trance

or what is obtained in a moment of ecstasy. Some persons in life has quoted ambition for vision, vision is

of God’s origin while ambition is of man’s origin i.e. man made. Vision is seless but ambition is derived

out of a selsh desire. Vision is the ability to anticipate possible future events and developments, it’s a mental picture of the future inspired by God, and is a destination of a journey. Vision is a function of the mind while sight is the function of the eyes. Vision is what makes the greatness in you; rapture your generation as much you don’t lose focus on it (vision). Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner posited that, “we

Heard in every personal best case, leaders expressing a desire to make drama change.

 They reached for something great, something magnificent, and something that had never been done before.” Visions are about ideal. They are about hopes, dreams and aspirations They are about the strong desire to achieve something great. Leaders help people see what they are doing bigger than what they can see. Vision is what makes the great great.

1. Those who think (having mental picture of the future) succeed in life.

2. people fail in life because they did not prepare (have vision) for success.

3. If you are not a plus to your generation, then you are a minus to your generation.

4. The way to success is to start planning how to succeed.

5. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a step to the top.

6. Where there is no vision the people perish

7. You are what you think, if only you believe in God and in yourself.

8. Discover your vision before you Miss your destination.

9. Life is good when you know the good God that gives vision

10. Check your future through the scripture and take it a picture.

11. It is what you have a purpose for, you look for.

12. The purpose of life demands you to have understanding about it.

13. When the purpose of life is not understood, one can be misled by life and abuse his life vision.

14. To be visionless is to be lifeless

Vision from a corporate point of view, a vision may be said to be a mental picture of an expected future destination or position of an individual or an organization. From a divine point of view, it may be defined as a divinely initiated mental picture of a desired future state or condition inspired by God It is created by the power of imagination in the word of God, which is prophetically driven and subject to future divine fulfillment. It answers the question WHERE?

Our vision in knowledge fountain is to be a world leader in developing youths with mental power, potentials, and skills. It is not how fast you run in life that gets you to your destination but where you are headed. Because no matter how fast you run in the wrong direction, you will still miss

your destination.

If you want to have a vision, you must know the purpose of God for your life. Your purpose or assignment in life gives birth to your vision. Your vision is the mental picture of what you want to achieve or become in future. Without vision leadership accomplishes nothing. Without a vision the people perish, wander aimlessly, the people dwell carelessly.

What is the Power of Vision?

Your vision is the force that drives you when everyone else gives up on you. Your vision gives you something to want to live for when all hope for living is lost. “If they are willing…” It is your vision that gives you the will power to want to live and become an achiever in life.

Your vision gives you a sense of direction in life to focus your me, skills and finances in order to multiply your wealth. Your vision will draw people into your life to want to help you, and the more people you get to help you the more you will multiply. Your vision is what attracts the resources of heaven into your life and business.

Your Vision comes from God

Your Vision must be written down

Your Vision must be communicated

Your Vision must be run with

Your Vision must be incubated and hatched into being

Your Vision Requires Faith and focus

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  1. Ohiengbomwan Johnson Osazee

    This is a really expensive article. I have learnt a lot from this already.

    Your vision is the force that drives you when everyone leaves you.

    This just built a new vessel in me. God Bless KFLA.

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